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New job and other exciting news

18 May 2014
Posted by Juan M. Banda

Recently I have taken a new position at Stanford's School of Medicine - Center for Biomedical Informatics Research:

This will lead me to new adventures in a very promising and high impact field. While I will have a steep learning curve in terms of Medical knowledge, I strongly believe that my Big Data / Large-Scale retrieval expertise as well as my diverse engineering skills will greatly contribute to Shah lab's excellent team. You can find my new Stanford profile here (to be filled out completely very soon). I enjoy the new challenges presented by the new position and working at a very different pace surrounded by excellent researchers and very bright young minds. Adjusting to the Bay area has been not as hard as I expected and I have been loving every minute of it since it offers so much in terms of hiking, music events, and technology related events.

In other news we got a paper accepted in the 13th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research (link) under the title: "Large-Scale Region-based Multimedia Retrieval for Solar Images". I am also a member of the PC for the following conferences: International Conference on Image Processing Theory, Tools & Applications ( *IPTA'14* ) (link) and the Workshop of Solar Astronomy Big Data (SABID 2014), part of IEEE Big Data 2014conference, links here and here.